Finally, a Wardrobe That Works as Hard as You Do 

Transform Your Mornings from Frazzled to Fabulous

Do you spend too much time each morning deciding what to wear?

Concerned your wardrobe isn't as professional as you are? 

Tired of spending your salary and free time builidng your 9-5 wardrobe?

If you want to make your mornings a breeze and your days more stylish, then you need the Spring/Summer Working Capsule Guide!

Imagine having a small collection of pieces you love, that mix and match to create over 100 outfits. With the Capsule Wardrobe Guide, you can have that! You’ll know exactly what to buy, and exactly how to put the pieces together to create stylish professional outfits, so you can focus on more important things. 

Your Capsule Wardrobe Guide is the blueprint for a stress-free, stylish wardrobe that gets you dressed for whatever your workday brings.

Hi, I’m Jennifer and I’m a Wardrobe Stylist who works with real women to solve real world style challenges. 

Every day, I work with clients who need wardrobes that work for their busy lives. My clients struggle with, busy schedules, changing bodies and tight budgets, so they need to make smart wardrobe choices. But one thing they all have in common is the desire to look and feel great.

What I discovered after dressing thousands of women is that the secret to a great wardrobe isn’t buying MORE clothes…it’s buying the RIGHT clothes. A few carefully chosen items that work together is so much more valuable than a million random pieces that don’t add up to a cohesive wardrobe. 

I’ve learned how to create wardrobes that use a few colors per season, focus on versatile basics with a few fun pieces mixed in. It’s the ideal formula for the perfect wardrobe. My clients tell me “I have fewer clothes than I ever have, but I actually have more to wear” and “Getting dressed is so much easier this way”. 

With the Capsule Wardrobe guide, you can have the easy, stylish, professional wardrobe solution my clients have enjoyed for years.

You’ll receive all the tools you need to create the perfect wardrobe!

This ebook shows you the 23 pieces you need (tops, bottoms, dresses AND accessories) to create over 100 stylish, professional outfits…and you’ll get pictures of all of them. 

This season’s guide is for women who have worked hard to get where they are, and want to look like it! The capsule is on-trend and current, but you'll look polished and professional--and completely appropiate for just about any office environmet. 

What will you gain from having a capsule wardrobe?


You’ll save time each morning because you’ll have over 100 outfit ideas already done for you. You’ll save time each season knowing exactly which pieces to buy. No more wandering around the stores, collecting random items, hoping they’ll work together.


Be honest, how much money have you wasted on clothes you didn’t like, or never really wore? With a capsule wardrobe, you’ll be buying less, saving you thousands per year.


When everything in your wardrobe was designed to work together, you can’t help looking stylish every day! And, upleveling your 9-5 style can have a big impact on your career!

Included in the Capsule Wardrobe Guide are...

  • Photos of the entire capsule and specific pieces 
  • Photos of over 100 outfits 
  • Tips for looking more professional 
  •  4 Shopping Links per item 
  • A printable shopping list 

With the Capsule Wardrobe Guide, and direct links to purchase the pieces, you can build the perfect career wardrobe without ever stepping foot in a store!

Normally, my clients pay almost $400 to shop with me to create a seasonal wardrobe they love…but you won’t pay anything close to that!  

Instead, your investment in the Capsule Wardrobe Guide is just $19. 99.  

That’s less than the cost of a shirt you’ll never wear!  

 Are you ready for more style and less stress? Here's what to do:  

1- Click the "Buy Now" button below  

2- Download the eBook from the link in the email you recieve  

3- Start building your wardrobe with the pieces you already own, or from the links provided in the guide.  

It's that simple!  

What people are saying about the capsule wardrobe guides:

“The Spring Capsule helped me define an easy, no-stress look for warmer weather. I was able to pull a lot of pieces out of what I already owned and then easily identify what was missing so I could add what I needed to round things out. I was also able to purge things I'd been hanging on to that I knew weren't really working for me. Love it!” 

Anna M

“I was dreading going back to work, partly because I haven't bought professional clothes in so long, and I was overwhlemed at having to start from scratch. Thankfully, I found the Fall/Winter Workwear Guide, and it was so easy to create an entire wardrobe. I feel so confident every day--one of the women in my office said she had to start dressing better because I always look so good! That was a huge ego boost!"

Jackie G

“The capsule wardrobe guide made it so easy for me get pieces that would work together and have endless outfits. I feel more confident and don’t dread getting dressed in the morning. I’m actually excited about what I am going to wear next!” 

Marlayna D

“The Capsule Guides have been life changing. Knowing what to wear, and feeling appropriate for professional situations has given me so much confidence. ” 

Rachel B

“I thought a capsule wardrobe would get boring, but I feel like I have way more outfits than I had before I tried the capsule. For once I felt like I understood the season's trends and how to incorporate them. Also I've never had a real "wardrobe" before. I was always trying to piece together clothes. Getting dressed this spring was so easy because the pieces were so versatile.” 

Corrine K

“The Spring Capsule was my guide to shopping with a purpose and not just buying things that I thought might work. I had a plan and knew what pieces I needed to finish a look- and kept me from spending money on things I would never wear because I had nothing to go with them. It was a huge help getting dressed in the morning- I had a visual guide to different combinations of the pieces I had, keeping me from wearing the same thing all the time. Cannot wait for the Summer Capsule!!” 

Kim M


Will all the pieces work for my body shape? 

The Capsule Wardrobe isn’t body type or size specific, so the principles will work for everyone! If you’re petite, simply purchase the pieces in your size range! If a pencil skirt isn’t the most flattering shape for you, swap it out for a version that suits you better. I’ve added links to petite and plus options to make the capsule easy for everyone.

Are all the links expensive?  

Absolutely not! There are links to DressBarn and JC Penney as well as Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's. There are choices for every budget.

Is the capsule buiness casual or professional attire? 

This season's capsule is on the dressier side of business casual to the more casual side of professional dress. There are tips in the guide for making your wardrobe fit your work environment.

What if the colors are not right for me? 

This season’s capsule uses navy, white, pink, medium blue and a pop of yellow. If one of those isn't right for you, just swap it out for a color you like better. Not a fan of florals? Look for geometric patterns instead! With a few simple tweaks, you can completely customize your capsule.

What are you waiting for?

Why not get started on building a wardrobe you love right now?